Bean Field

Japanese popular name(Hanamame、Hanaingen.etc)
This bean is very big,and it is a rare bean in japan.

  My Parents.

It stands a stick at first in May.A bean is sown in late
May when there is no anxiety of frost.
A flower is in full bloom.
A harvest can be done from September.


                   My son              

●The name of this bean is said as the flower bean.
Fruit isn't settled if it is not the height above sea level 700M above.
The big fruit of a diameter 3cm is settled.
There is answer harm action in the bean, and blood becomes clean.
Therefore, woman's skin becomes beautiful. !!

●Flower beans are the only organic cultivation goods in my crop.
Please eat a rare flower bean even in Japan.

November 25.Winter is near.The last bean harvest work(^^

November 5 .The bean selection work.A shoulder gets stiff.

A bean is dried well.

October 17. A harvested bean is piled to the truck.!
A left photograph is the bean whih became sick.A right photograph is a healthy bean.

October 14.The bean which is white once in a while mixes,too.
A right pohtograph is September 2. A left photograph is September 25.

August 14.Size is 15cm .The tunnel of the beautiful bean.
August 5.Size is 10cm.

July 11.A flower bloomed for the first time.July 17.A vine grows freely.

July 4.Hail harm damaged it.

June 22.Weeding work.Height was 1m

june 18.Height was 50cm.
Harmful insect extermination.

June 9.A state in 2000.


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